Java Client Side Example

For a guide on how to get started with remote Appium testing using Java, check out our sample on Github.

Clone the Appium Sample repository to local machine. It contains sample apps for iOS and Android (in apps/builds/-directory) and sample tests in various languages and frameworks. Samples for Java Appium are located in appium/sample-scripts/java.

$ git clone
$ cd testdroid-samples/appium/sample-scripts/java


The setup needs Java and Maven to be installed. Additionally the user’s API key and the app under test are required.

  • Java, can be installed from and
  • Maven, can be installed from
  • User’s API key can be found from Bitbar Testing cloud, under “My account” under the user avatar at the top right corner.

  • Sample applications (iOS and Android) are located in current repository at apps/builds/.

Starting Andoid Test

In directory testdroid-samples/appium/sample-scripts/java, on the command line call the following command. Replace with the key copied from under My account.

mvn clean test \
-Dtest=AndroidAppiumExampleTest \
-DexecutionType=clientside \
-DapiKey=<your_testdroid_apiKey> \

If the application has already been uploaded earlier (previous test run), then the applicationPath can be omitted.

Starting iOS Test

Start iOS test with the following command from testdroid-samples/appium/sample-scripts/java, by replacing with key copied from under My account previously.

mvn clean test \
-Dtest=IosAppiumExampleTest \
-DexecutionType=clientside \
-DapiKey=<your_testdroid_apiKey> \

Example Output

Running the above commands will print output similar to the following..

    [INFO] Scanning for projects...
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] Building SampleAppiumJava 2.0
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    T E S T S
    22:27:24.179 [main] DEBUG com.testdroid.appium.BaseTest - Setting desiredCapabilities defined in
    Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0

    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] Total time: 02:36 min
    [INFO] Finished at: 2016-12-14T22:29:57+02:00
    [INFO] Final Memory: 24M/315M
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Checking Results in Cloud

After test executions has finished, the test results are available in Bitbar Testing cloud for later review or checking of captured screenshots.

What Next

After the above cloud setup is working. Running Appium tests as client side can be error prone. The requested device might not be available at the time of running the test or there might be some network error during the test execution. A more robust approach is to run Appium in the cloud as server side. With this approach it is possible to queue the test run and run the same test on multiple devices.