Testdroid Cloud

Testdroid Cloud

Testdroid Enterprise is an on-premises software that connects with your own devices and provides “in-house cloud” for your development and testing needs. Typical user of Testdroid Enterprise is a company that cannot use public cloud service(s) or wants to build an internal device farm. Also, Testdroid Enterprise is a great option for any app/game developers if they have invested in devices already and are willing to operate their own in-house development and testing lab.

Testdroid Enterprise is a solution for companies who want to save time and money by automating functional, performance, stress, regression and stability testing of Android and iOS apps and associated services. With Testdroid Enterprise you can execute any instrumentation tests after every code check in to ensure that changes to apps or server side changes do not break any functionality.

With Testdroid Enterprise managing your testing infrastructure is very easy. You can use it to quickly setup your private test environment, with your own devices. Just plug in the phones you want to use for testing, configure a few settings and your automated test cluster is ready to go!

As Testdroid Enterprise is tailored environment for a specific customer it can support pretty much any test automation framework that is used for Android and/or iOS app testing.

For more information about Testdroid Enterprise, download datasheet or contact us to learn more.