Testdroid Cloud UI

Testdroid Cloud provides the largest device farm of real mobile devices, gathered from different regions globally. Testdroid Cloud provides a test automation environment, remote manual access and REST API to access, run and manage any tests with these devices.

Testsdroid Cloud comes in three flavors. Publicly available Testdroid Cloud for testing your application on shared iOS and Android devices. Testdroid Cloud makes it possible to run automated or manual tests on real devices and share test projects between team members.

For additional security and dedicated devices it is possible to get Testdroid Private Cloud or Testdroid Enterprise Cloud. Testdroid Private Cloud provides a dedicated service with dedicated devices managed and monitored by us. An Enterprise installation provides the same service and dedicated devices but installed at customer premises and maintained by the customer. In such installations all information stays inside customer premises.

Testdroid Cloud

What does Testdroid Cloud look like and how to use it.

Testdroid Enterprise

Testdroid Cloud can be installed to an enterprise environment for total security and best device availability and integration to enterprise internal development procedures.

Testdroid Enterprise Cloud is the same rock solid application serving thousands of online users everyday but installed to local premises and connected to customer’s own devices. Cloud and users management can be done by customer or by us.

Video Tutorials

A set of great video tutorials on Testdroid Cloud.