Bitbar Testing User Manual

Bitbar Testing provides a practical, reliable, and easy-to-access platform for mobile app testing using real devices and enabling various test automation frameworks, manual testing capabilities and API access for specific testing needs.

This section provides an overview of what views are available in Bitbar Testing for the end user and how to use them for creating new test projects and reviewing test results.

All Bitbar Testing products use the same terminology when it comes to testing, assets, test types, runs, projects and so on:

Project - This is a project workspace that contains test runs, descriptions of project, device groups where tests are executed and all results and test assets. Projects enable you to organize your test automation test runs with clear and concise manner. Projects are also dependent on OS platform (e.g. Project can be either Android or iOS project). There are no limitations on how many projects you can create for your test automation.

Test Run - A test run includes your application (as APK or IPA) and the test package (as APK, ZIP, JAR or some other format). Each test run can be set to be executed on certain devices. Devices can be selected when launching a test via test run creation wizard or API.

Device Group - Devices where your app and tests will be executed can be created and configured in Device Group view. This wizard-like view allows you to create specific set of devices that can be quickly selected for your test runs. A device group can include either Android or iOS devices (currently there is no possibility to run cross-platform tests with one test runs).